Star Trek: Enterprise

“Terra Nova”

Episode Number6 (1.06)
Production Number6
Original Airdate24-Oct-2001
TeleplayRick Berman & Brannon Braga
DirectorLeVar Burton
The crew searches for the missing colonists

Archer and the Enterprise crew set out to learn what happened to the lost human colony of Terra Nova, and discover a tribe of human-hating cave dwellers.

Guest Cast

Erick Avari (Jamin)
Mary Carver (Nadet/Bernadette Fuller)
Brian Jacobs (Athan)
Greville Henwood (Akary)

  • Terra Nova was dubbed the "Great Experiment", a deep space human colony. It took the S.S. Conestoga 9 years to get there. The ship was dismatled and used to build the colony's structures. Terra Nova was founded after other off-world colonies: New Berlin on Luna (the moon), Utopia Planitia on Mars, and a handful of colonies on asteroids. It was assumed that disagreements over sending additional colonists caused Terra Nova to cut off contact with Earth 70 years ago. Actually, an asteroid collision on the northern hemisphere caused a radioactive cloud. The Novans thought it was an attack by the humans. Only the young children survived.
  • Enterprise relocates the Novans to the southern hemisphere.