Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episode Guide

Season 4

The Way of the Warrior

S4 E1 ● 1995-Sep-30
The Klingons begin an invasion of Cardassia in an attempt to secure a foothold near the Wormhole and a forward base against a possible invasion by The Dominion. When the Klingons end its peace treaty ...

The Visitor

S4 E3 ● 1995-Oct-07
When a tragic accident causes Sisko to vanish before his son's eyes, young Jake begins a life-long obsession to bring him back.

Hippocratic Oath

S4 E4 ● 1995-Oct-14
In the Gamma Quadrant, Bashir and O'Brien respond to what they believe is a ship in trouble on a remote planet. After crash-landing on the surface, they become prisoners of Jem'Hadar soldiers. When th...


S4 E5 ● 1995-Oct-14
Forced to bring Dukat along on a personal mission to locate any survivors of the Ravinok, a Cardassian ship that disappeared six years ago with a group of Bajoran prisoners, Kira discovers the real re...


S4 E6 ● 1995-Oct-28
A group of Trill scientists, led by Dr. Lenara Kahn, comes to Deep Space Nine to use the Starship Defiant to conduct wormhole experiments. Lenara is a joined Trill who, while her symbiont was ...

Little Green Men

S4 E7 ● 1995-Nov-04
Quark is excited to receive a shuttle his cousin Gaila owed him for ten years, and decides to use it to fly Nog to Starfleet Academy on Earth — while doing a little smuggling on the side. But, just a...

Starship Down

S4 E8 ● 1995-Nov-11
A fierce battle with the Jem'Hadar leaves the Defiant trapped in a planet's volatile atmosphere. Dax and Bashir are trapped in a turbolift with limited air, and Quark is faced with diffusing a...

The Sword of Kahless

S4 E9 ● 1995-Nov-18
Kor, a revered Klingon warrior, enlists the aid of Worf and Dax on a search for the legendary Sword of Kahless, with the hope it will unite the Klingon Empire. Sisko loans the trio a runabout for thei...

Our Man Bashir

S4 E10 ● 1995-Nov-25
Bashir is enjoying a holosuite program that casts him as a super suave, 20th century secret agent. Elim Garak intrudes on his fantasy, convincing the doctor to let him participate. At the same time, S...


S4 E11 ● 1995-Dec-30
An explosion at a Federation/Romulan diplomatic conference reveals that Changelings have infiltrated Earth. Sisko and Odo are dispatched from Deep Space Nine to Earth in hopes of preventing a Dominion...

Paradise Lost

S4 E12 ● 1996-Jan-06
When Dominion sabotage is blamed for a planetwide power outage, Starfleet stations security all over Earth to prepare for an invasion. Sisko, in charge of the effort, becomes suspicious after learning...


S4 E13 ● 1996-Jan-27
As First Minister Shakaar arrives at Deep Space Nine to negotiate for Bajor's early admittance into the Federation, Odo learns that "The True Way," a Cardassian extremist group, is planning to assassi...

Return to Grace

S4 E14 ● 1996-Feb-03
Kira prepares to travel to a Cardassian outpost to share Bajoran intelligence about the Klingon Empire. She discovers that the commander of the freighter that will take her to the outpost is Gul Dukat...

Sons of Mogh

S4 E15 ● 1996-Feb-10
Cast out of Klingon society because of Worf's dishonor, his outcast brother Kurn asks Worf for Mauk-to'Vor, a Klingon ceremony where Worf would kill his brother so that Kurn can regain his honor and e...

The Bar Association

S4 E16 ● 1996-Feb-17
After suffering for weeks with an ear infection without a day off, Rom finally collapses in Quark's bar and is taken to the Infirmary. Bashir is outraged that Quark refuses to give any of his employee...


S4 E17 ● 1996-Feb-24
A centuries-old Bajoran vessel mysteriously exits the wormhole, and its passenger, a legendary Bajoran poet named Akorem Laan, is immediately beamed to the Infirmary. Shocked to learn more than 200 ye...

Rules of Engagement

S4 E18 ● 1996-Apr-06
Worf faces a hearing to determine whether he should be extradited to the Klingon Empire for destroying a civilian ship. While under Klingon attack, Worf ordered the U.S.S. Defiant to fire on a...

Hard Time

S4 E19 ● 1996-Apr-13
After an alien race, the Agrathi, implants false memories of a twenty-year prison sentence into O'Brien's brain, he has trouble readjusting to station life.

Shattered Mirror

S4 E20 ● 1996-Apr-20
Jake can hardly believe his eyes when his father introduces him to a woman who appears and acts exactly like his late mother, Jennifer. Sisko reveals that this is Jennifer — at least her double from ...

The Muse

S4 E21 ● 1996-Apr-27
Lwaxana Troi pays a visit to Odo's office with the surprising news that she is pregnant. She is thrilled to be having a baby boy, but her Tavnian husband insists she adhere to the custom of giving him...

For The Cause

S4 E22 ● 1996-May-04
With the conflict between the Klingons and Cardassians taking its toll, a shipment of desperately-needed replicators destined for Cardassia is set to pass through Deep Space Nine. Odo and Lt. Commande...

To The Death

S4 E23 ● 1996-May-11
When a Jem'Hadar strike force attacks the station, Sisko takes the U.S.S. Defiant and pursues them into the Gamma Quadrant. The crew comes upon a disabled Jem'Hadar warship emitting a distress ...

The Quickening

S4 E24 ● 1996-May-18
Bashir tries to save a Gamma Quadrant society in the Teplan system afflicted with an incurable, terminal disease by the Jem'Hadar.

Body Parts

S4 E25 ● 1996-Jun-08
Misdiagnosed with a terminal disease named Dorek Syndrome, Quark sells his body parts on the Ferengi market to pay off his debts, then finds himself unable to break the contract. Meanwhile, Keiko is i...

Broken Link

S4 E26 ● 1996-Jun-15
Odo is rushed to the Infirmary when he suddenly collapses. After a thorough examination, Dr. Bashir determines that Odo is losing the ability to maintain his solid form, but is unclear as to why. His ...