Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“Little Green Men”

Episode Number79 (4.07)
Production Number480
Original Airdate04-Nov-1995
StoryToni Marberry & Jack Treviño
TeleplayIra Steven Behr & Robert Hewitt Wolfe
DirectorJames L. Conway
Nog, Rom and Quark trapped on 1947 Earth

Quark is excited to receive a shuttle his cousin Gaila owed him for ten years, and decides to use it to fly Nog to Starfleet Academy on Earth — while doing a little smuggling on the side. But, just as the shuttle enters Earth's system, Rom is unable to take the shuttle out of warp, and realizes that the spiteful Gaila designed the ship to malfunction. Luckily, Rom figures out how to stop the ship and make an emergency landing. However, when the three travellers wake up after the crash, they find themselves in an examining room — in July 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico.

Guest Cast

Max Grodénchik (Rom)
Aron Eisenberg (Nog)
Megan Gallagher (Nurse Garland)
Charles Napier (General Denning)
Conor O'Farrell (Professor Carlson)
James G. MacDonald (Captain Wainwright)

  • Nog becomes the first Ferengi to enter Starfleet Academy.
  • Worf buys Nog's Ferengi tooth sharpener.