Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Episode Number30 (2.10)
Production Number430
Original Airdate20-Nov-1993
StoryGabe Essoe & Kelley Miles
TeleplayFrederick Rappaport
DirectorLes Landau
The Skrreeans arrive on Deep Space 9

After barely surviving a trip through the wormhole, four humanoid aliens are beamed aboard the station. Though they are unable to communicate with the crew, Kira leads them to the infirmary where the Universal Translator begins to decipher their words. The leader, Haneek, explains that there are three million more Skrreean refugees waiting on the other side of the wormhole and they have claimed Bajor as their legendary homeland "Kentanna."

Guest Cast

Deborah May (Haneek)
William Schallert (Varani)
Andrew Koenig (Tumak)
Aron Eisenberg (Nog)
Michael Durrell (General Hazar)
Betty McGuire (Vayna)
Robert Curtis-Brown (Vedek Sorad)
Kitty Swink (Minister Rozahn)
Leland Orser (Gai)
Nicholas Shaffer (Cowl)

  • The Skrreean homeworld was conquered by the mysterious Dominion, first mentioned in the episode "Rules of Acquisition".
  • The Skrreeans call the Wormhole "The Eye of the Universe."
  • The Skrreeans are forced to relocate to Draylon II.
  • Read the closed captioning when the large group of Skrreeans arrive at DS9. It says: "This is great! This is incredible! (all talking at once) This is pretty far out. Dig this place."
  • Kitty Swink is Armin Shimerman's (Quark) wife.
  • Andrew Koenig is Walter Koenig's (Chekov) son.