Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“Necessary Evil”

Episode Number28 (2.08)
Production Number428
Original Airdate13-Nov-1993
TeleplayPeter Allan Fields
DirectorJames L. Conway
Odo finally discovers Vatrik's killer

Quark is almost killed by a mysterious assassin when a beautiful Bajoran woman hires him to locate a strong box hidden on the station. While Dr. Bashir tends to the Ferengi's wounds, Odo questions witnesses and learns of a list of Bajoran names found inside the box. In a series of powerful flashbacks, he recalls that five years earlier, when the station was under Cardassian control, he investigated a murder for which Kira was the prime suspect.

Guest Cast

Max Grodénchik (Rom)
Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat)
Katherine Moffat (Vatrik Pallra)
Robert MacKenzie (Trazko)

  • The story is reminiscent of pulp crime fiction, including narration in the form of security logs recorded by Odo.
  • The flashbacks depict Odo meeting Gul Dukat and Kira for the first time, five years ago during the Occupation. Gul Dukat recruited Odo to investigate the murder of Vatrick, a Bajoran who was a Cardassian sympathizer.
  • Odo finally realizes that Kira did indeed kill Vatrik.