Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“The Circle”

Episode Number22 (2.02)
Production Number422
Original Airdate02-Oct-1993
TeleplayPeter Allan Fields
DirectorCorey Allen
Vedek Bareil invites Kira to stay at his monastery

After Major Kira is recalled to Bajor, more graffiti from the extremist group The Circle is found around the station. While Commander Sisko fights to have Kira reinstated, Vedek Bareil invites her to his monastery where she experiences a series of stange visions. Back on the station, Odo learns that the Kressari have been supplying arms to The Circle. Shapeshifting his way onto a Kressari freighter, he discovers that it is the Cardassians who are behind the arms shipments! When Kira is kidnapped and taken to the The Circle's hideout, she finds that First Minister Jaro is their leader. Now, with Bajor set to erupt in full-scale revolution, assault vessels race toward the station. Starfleet Admiral Chekote orders the evacuation of all Starfleet personnel from Deep Space Nine, but rather than evacuate, Sisko plans to make one last stand.

Guest Cast

Richard Beymer (Li Nalas)
Philip Anglim (Vedek Bareil)
Louise Fletcher (Vedek Winn)
Frank Langella (Minister Jaro Essa)
Stephen Macht (General Krim)
Bruce Gray (Admiral Chekote)
Mike Genovese (Zef'No)
Eric Server (Peace Officer)
Anthony Guidera (a Cardassian)

  • This episode is part 2 of 3 and is continued in "The Siege".
  • While staying at Vedek Bareil's monestary, Bareil, shows Kira the 3rd Orb of the Prophets, the Orb of Prophecy and Change.
  • The Circle is being supplied with weapons from the Kressari, who are being supplied by the Cardassians.