Star Trek: Voyager


Episode Number93 (4.25)
Production Number193
Original Airdate13-May-1998
TeleplayJeri Taylor
DirectorKenneth Biller
After a month alone, Seven is ready for company

Encountering a deadly radioactive nebula, Captain Janeway decides to save time by going through rather than around it and orders the crew into protective stasis chambers with Seven of Nine to take lonely command. With the entire crew now in cryogenic sleep, and only the Doctor for company, Seven of Nine is the only living being walking the ship's hallways. The long and lonely journey through the nebula begins to play tricks on the former Borg's mind as she experiences what humans call "hallucinations." An alien, Trajis Lo-Tarik, also making his way through the nebula, asks to trade some vital supplies, but his presence unleashes a series of events that Seven can't decipher as to whether they are real threats — or even if Trajis himself is real.

Guest Cast

Wade Williams (Trajis Lo-Tarik)

  • The nebula is a Mutara-class nebula. The U.S.S. Reliant was destroyed in the Mutara Nebula in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".
  • The statis chambers are located on Deck 14.
  • Seven drinks "Nutritional Supplement 14-Beta-7" for breakfast.
  • Tom Paris is claustrophobic and sleepwalks.
  • At the last minute, Seven disables life support in order to keep the propulsion system on-line.