Star Trek: Picard


Episode Number13 (2.03)
Production Number203
Original Airdate17-Mar-2022
TeleplayKiley Rossetter & Christopher Monfette
DirectorLea Thompson

Picard and the crew travel back to 2024 Los Angeles in search of the "Watcher," who can help them identify the point at which time diverged. Seven, Raffi and Rios venture out into an unfamiliar world 400 years in their past, while Picard and Jurati attempt to gather information from an unlikely, and dangerous, ally.


Patrick Stewart (Admiral Jean-Luc Picard)
Alison Pill (Dr. Agnes Jurati)
Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)
Michelle Hurd (Commander Raffi Musiker)
Evan Evagora (Cadet Elnor)
Santiago Cabrera (Captain Cristóbal Rios)

Special Guest Star

John de Lancie (Q)

Guest Cast

Annie Wersching (Borg Queen)
Chloé Wepper (Gabi)
Jon Jon Briones (First Magistrate)
Sol Rodriguez (Dr. Teresa Ramirez)


Richard Chiu (Driver)
Gattlin Griffith (Mugger)
Steve Gutierrez (Ricardo Ramirez)
Matt Kaminsky (Security Guard)
Peter Lindstedt (ICE Officer #1)
Maggie Pacleb (Little Girl)
Marcelo Tubert (Mr. Alvarez)

  • When beaming into Los Angeles, Rios materializes in the air and plummets to the ground. He's taken to a clinic and becomes separated from Seven and Raffi, and is arrested in an ICE raid along with Dr. Teresa.
  • Elnor's wound proves to be fatal, and he dies early in the episode. Raffi takes his death very hard, as they became close while he was at the Academy.
  • Agnes interfaces with the Borg Queen to repair her so they can obtain the location of the Watcher.
  • Sisko and crew travelled to 2024 in the DS9 episode "Past Tense, Part I". Raffi beams into a sanctuary district featured in the two-parter, where a mugger attempts to rob her.
  • Production Designer Dave Blass notes the C.S.S. La Sirena NCC-93131 is pursued by three Confederation starships: Nova-class C.S.S. Dougherty NCC-75489 and C.S.S. Quinn NCC-74536, as well as the Steamrunner-class C.S.S. Leyton NCC-73827. Seven takes out the Dougherty and the Borg Queen destroys the other two.
  • This is Back To The Future actress Lea Thompson's first time directing for Star Trek. She directed this episode and the next simultenously as a block.
  • This episode debuted simultaneously with the Discovery season 4 finale "Coming Home".