Star Trek: Enterprise


Episode Number54 (3.02)
Production Number54
Original Airdate17-Sep-2003
TeleplayMike Sussman
DirectorDavid Straiton
Enterprise encounters a giant sphere

As Enterprise ventures deeper into the Expanse, the ship is rocked by inexplicable, destructive spatial anomalies that distort the laws of physics. The anomalies take most of the ship's primary systems off-line, leaving Enterprise without weapons or warp capabilities, leaving them vulnerable to attacks by predatory aliens.

Guest Cast

Robert Rusler (Orgoth)
Nathan Anderson (Sergeant Kemper)
Julia Rose (Corporal McKenzie)
Sean McGowan (Corporal Hawkins)
Kenneth A. White (Engineering Crewman)
Ryan Honey (Guard)
Ken Lally (Security Guard)

  • Orgoth's face is deformed by a spatial anomaly. He tells Archer that insulating the hull with Trellium-D protects against the spatial distortions.
  • The Osaarian pirates hide the stolen goods inside a huge sphere, which is surrounded by a cloaking field that generates the spatial anomalies.
  • To get information from Orgoth, Archer throws him into an airlock and begins decompressing it until Orgoth finally gives up information. The Osaarians recently attacked a Xindi ship and stole supplies and a copy of their database. Using the access code, Hoshi downloads a copy of the Xindi database from the Osaarian ship.
  • Crewman Fuller dies in the attack, becoming the first Enterprise crew member to die.
  • This is the first appearance of the new brig set.