Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“The Reckoning”

Episode Number145 (6.21)
Production Number545
Original Airdate25-Apr-1998
StoryHarry Werksman & Gabrielle G. Stanton
TeleplayDavid Weddle & Bradley Thompson
DirectorJesús Salvador Treviño
Possessed Jake and Kira begin the Reckoning

Sisko is called to Bajor when an ancient tablet addressing the Emissary is discovered in the B'Hala archeological site. Seeing it launches Sisko into a vision, during which the Prophets tell him "the Reckoning" must begin. Since no one knows exactly what this means, Sisko takes the tablet back to Deep Space 9 for Dax to translate. Kai Winn arrives on the station and pushes Sisko to return it, but he refuses, convinced he is doing the will of the Prophets.

Guest Cast

Louise Fletcher (Kai Winn)
James Greene (Koral)

  • This is the first time the Kai has appeared this season.
  • Dax translates the tablet into modern Bajoran.
  • The ancient Bajoran city of B'Hala was found in season 5's "Rapture" Jake is possessed by the pah-wraith Kosst Amojen — "The Evil One." A Prophet takes Kira's body. According to Bajoran legend, if the Prophets defeat The Evil One, then the Golden Age of Bajor will begin. Kai Winn activated the chroniton beam, which ended the Reckoning.
  • Keiko O'Brien was possesed by a pah-wraith in season 5's "The Assignment".
  • On the warfront, the Romulans took the Federation planet Benzar back from the Dominion and are now occupying it. The Dominion is looking to expand from Betazed to Vulcan.