#97B412 Tobias Beecher
#98K514 Christopher Keller

Tobias Beecher is played by Lee Tergesen Link to IMDB
Chris Keller is played by Christoper Meloni Link to IMDB

Season 1
Beecher July 1997. While driving home drunk, corporate attorney Tobias Beecher accidentally killed Cathy Rockwell. He is charged with driving while intoxicated and vehicular manslaughter. He was convicted July 5th, 1997. He was given the maximum sentence of 15 years, eligible for parole in four. Upon conviction of a felony, he was automatically disbarred.
Beecher Beecher arrives in Oz, and is placed in the Emerald City cell block. He is put in the same pod as Simon Adebisi. When Adebisi starts giving Beecher a hard time, Vern Schillinger suggests that Beecher ask McManus to move him into Schillinger's pod.
Beecher Beecher's new "friend" Schillinger turns out to be the leader of the Aryans and makes Tobias his "prag" and brands a swastika on his ass and rapes him.
Beecher Beecher's wife, Genevieve, comes for a conjugal visit. Soon after, she files for divorce.
Beecher Beecher becomes Sister Peter Marie's assistant. (He knows Word and Lotus.) When Jefferson Keane is sentenced to death, Tobias -- against Schillinger's orders -- offers to help him, but Keane turns him down.
Beecher July 1997. Schillinger becomes more and more cruel, making him lick his boots, rip up the pictures of his family, and eat the pages of a law book. Ryan O'Reily tells him that it's "time for an upgrade" and gets Beecher hooked on heroin.
Beecher Sister Pete becomes concerned about his drug abuse and arranges for Beecher's mother to visit. When that doesn't help, Sister Pete and McManus arrange for Cathy Rockwell's mother to visit.
Beecher August 1997. Schillinger forces Beecher into a "makeover." He forces him to perform in the talent show in drag. Beecher tells Sister Pete that he doesn't want to be a victim and that he's tired of hating himself.
Beecher Schillinger decides that Beecher isn't working out. There's a new guy in town: Scott Ross. Schillinger gives Beecher a confederate T-shirt to wear and kicks him out of the pod. Ryan O'Reily gives Beecher some bad PCP and he wigs out, throwing a chair into the pod door. The glass flies into Schillinger's eye. Beecher is thrown in the hole.
Beecher August 1997. After smashing his glasses, Beecher emerges from the hole a changed man, and a little bit crazy. When Schillinger goes into the gym, Beecher knocks him down with a weight, then ties his hands with a rope, and defecates on his face. He lands back in the hole.
Beecher Beecher is let out of the hole. He promises Schillinger that he will never make parole. The Em City prisoners riot and the governor sends in the SORT team.
Season 2
Beecher Beecher and the rest of Em City are transferred into Gen-Pop. Beecher and Bob Rebadow are thrown into James Robson's cell. That night, Robson demands that Beecher perform oral sex on him, and Beecher bites off the tip of his penis. This "incident" lands Beecher in the hole -- again.
Beecher July 1998. Em City re-opens. Beecher grows a wacked beard. As Schillinger's parole hearing nears, Beecher taunts his nemesis mercilessly in an attempt to ruin Schillinger's quest for freedom. Schillinger offers Officer Wittlesey $2000 to kill Beecher. Diane turns him in and he was charged with conspiracy to commit murder.
Beecher August 1998. Beecher gets a new roommate: Chris Keller, who appears to hate the Aryans as much as he does. Beecher doesn't know that Keller is working with Schillinger.
Beecher August 1998. Beecher's nightmares about running down Cathy Rockwell become more frequent. Keller is conveniently there to comfort him. Keller begins gaining Beecher's trust and they begin spending more time together, watching TV, playing chess, and wrestling.
Beecher August 1998. Beecher's ex-wife commits suicide. Beecher confesses to Sister Pete that he thinks he is in love with Chris Keller. Keller suggests that they try to cover up the swastika "tattoo." Keller offers Beecher a jar of "moonshine" he got from a friend in Cell Block B to block the pain. Beecher refuses because he is clean now.
Beecher At Keller's suggestion, Beecher arranges a visit with his kids, who he hasn't seen since he was sent to Oz. Beecher shaves off his beard first.
Beecher Beecher tells Keller "I love you" and Keller responds, "I love you, Toby." The C.O.'s break them apart and when Keller resists, they throw him into the hole.
Beecher With Keller in the hole, Tobias becomes depressed. He finds the jar of "moonshine" and gets drunk. He then begins buying booze from the Latinos. Kareem Said tries to intervene, but Beecher shouts out one of his crazy "nursery rhymes" and tells him to go away.
Beecher When Officer Wittlesey finds him drunk and hung-over, he is sent to the infirmary. Schillinger, delighted in Beecher's condition, taunts him.
Beecher Keller gets out of the hole and tells Beecher that he thought things over and that doesn't want anything to do with Beecher. Beecher is devastated.
Beecher Officer Metzger takes Beecher to the gym, where he finds Keller and Schillinger. Metzger locks Beecher in the gym. Keller knew Schillinger from another prison and Keller owed Schillinger a favor. When Schillinger kisses Keller, Beecher flies into a rage. Beecher can't hold them both off, and they break both his arms and legs.
Beecher With Beecher laid up in the infirmary, Keller has time to lean on Beecher's bed and reflect on what he has done.
Season 3
Beecher Two months later, Beecher's bones have healed and he returns to Em City. Keller apologizes, but Toby doesn't trust him. If Keller is serious, then he'll tell McManus what really happened to Beecher. Keller confesses his part in setting up Beecher and is immediately taken into protective custody.
Beecher slashes Metzger When Officer Metzger pulls Beecher aside to ask why Keller went to see McManus. Beecher gets some oh-so-sweet revenge against the aryan hack. He slashes Metzger's face and throat with his fingernails.
Keller Stir-crazy from being in protective custody, Keller returns to Em City and gets the cold shoulder from Toby. While stacking boxes in the store-room, Keller is stabbed in the back twice and is sent to the infirmary.
Beecher Keller returns to Em City, where Toby confesses to him that he was the one who killed Metzger and that he was the one who stabbed Keller in the store room.
Beecher When Vern Schillinger's son Andrew lands in Oz, Beecher begins to plan his revenge with Keller's help. First step: win Andrew's trust. Keller is moved out and Andrew is moved into Beecher's pod.
Vern and Andrew Beecher and Andrew become friends when Beecher helps Andrew get through withdrawal. Unfortunately, he is clean for a very short time. When Andrew refuses to accept Vern's lifestyle, Vern slaps him and Andrew is thrown into the hole. Vern declares Andrew dead and has Officer Lopresti give him heroin. Andrew ODs and dies in the hole.
Beecher Beecher's plan was a success, but at what price? McManus and Murphy have their eye on Beecher. Beecher begins regularly praying to God.
Beecher Guilty over his part in Andrew's death, Beecher looks to Kareem Said to teach him about God. Already on rocky ground with the other Muslims for his relationship with Tricia Ross, Said allows Beecher to sit in a Muslim prayer study and the Muslims cast him out.
Said Said moves into Beecher's pod -- much to Keller's surprise -- as Muslim control shifts to Hamid Khan.
Beecher Said teaches Beecher that in order for God to forgive him, he must forgive first. Toby forgives Chris, but when Keller tries to get physical, Beecher balks.
Beecher Beecher forgives Schillinger and asks that Schillinger forgive him for his part in Andrew's death. Beecher offers to use private investigators to find Schillinger's other son. Schillinger stabs Beecher.
Beecher Keller gets the knife away from Schillinger and stabs him, coming to Toby's rescue.
Beecher After healing from his injury, Beecher asks McManus to move Keller back into his Pod. Said moves back into Arif's pod.
Schillinger tells Keller, Beecher, Hoyt, Pancamo, Stanislofsky and Rebadow that Adebisi is up to something and that they have to stick together, "bound by the one thing that joins us all: the color of our skin."
Keller Beecher Happy New Year, Chris and Toby.
Season 4
Keller Beecher The prison is in lockdown due to racial tensions.
Beecher Beecher and Father Ray have a chat. Ray tells him that the only way that there will be peace between him and Schillinger is to show him that he forgives him. Keller does not approve.
Beecher Beecher asks his father to have the investigators at his law firm look for Vern Schillinger's other son, Hank. His father tells Toby that he is proud of him.
Beecher When Beecher tells Keller what he did, they argue. Keller tells Beecher that "Oz didn't make him a bitch, he was born a bitch." Beecher freaks out, punches Keller, screaming "I'm nobody's bitch!" Beecher ends up in the hole.
Keller When new inmate Guillaume Tarrant goes on a shooting rampage, Keller is shot. Toby pulls him out of the line of fire to safety, but Keller sustains serious internal damage and is sent to a hospital.
Beecher Said tells Beecher that he does not approve of his relationship with Keller -- homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of Allah. Toby wonders whether or not he loves Keller too much. Either way, this causes a rift to form between Said and Beecher.
Beecher Beecher's father has found Hank Schillinger and they arrange for him to visit Vern. Hank won't come without being payed -- probably to pay for his next fix. Father Ray tells Beecher that it's the first time that he's actually seen Schillinger happy.
Beecher Beecher asks Officer Murphy for an update on Keller's condition. Since McManus was fired and Murphy has taken on his responsibilities, he is too busy to check on Toby's "boyfriend."
Beecher When Said backs down from testifying in the civil trial because he refuses to wear the orange jumpsuit, Beecher confronts him, suggesting that he is trying to sabotage the trial in order to proclaim injustice. Beecher calls Zelman and ends up testifying in his place.
Beecher Keller returns to Oz's hospital ward from the hospital. Beecher talks Sister Pete into letting him visit Chris, but Officer Howell cuts their visit short. Toby is happy.
Schillingers When Timmy Kirk tells Schillinger that Beecher is the one who found his son Hank, Vern is convinced it's part of a plan, and decides to take the offensive.
Beecher Sister Pete breaks the bad news to Beecher... his kids have been kidnapped.
Beechers Beecher's parents visit Toby in jail, along with FBI Agent Pierce. Beecher is (rightfully) convinced that Schillinger is behind the kidnapping. When the Agent doesn't seem to respond, Beecher goes crazy, throwing things across the room.
Beechers FBI Agent Pierce meets with Schillinger to question him about the kidnapping. Vern plays him like a fool, and the Agent comes away with a new suspect...Chris Keller.
Keller Chris returns to Em City. Beecher breaks down. When Chris shows Toby his gunshot scar, Toby kisses it as they embrace. Keller has trouble sleeping and appears to be racked with guilt, feeling that he is going to hell for the things he has done.
Lawyer Agent Pierce and Toby's parents meet with Toby again to question him about Chris Keller. Toby is adamant that Keller is not responsible for the kidnapping. When they pressure him, Toby admits that he knows Chris intimately and tells his parents that "Chris Keller is my lover."
Beecher Vern tells Hank to "send the package."

Beecher receives a package through Oz's mail system ... a child's hand. The hand belongs to his son Gary. Gary's body was found by the FBI.
Beecher Not even Chris can comfort Toby.
Beecher Beecher attends his son Gary's funeral.
Beecher Beecher asks convicted kidnapper Zabitz to try to find out information about Gary and Holly's kidnapper. He tells Beecher their kidnapper was hired by Chris Keller. (Unfortunately, Beecher doesn't know what Schillinger paid Zabitz to lie.)
Beecher Beecher tries to kill Keller for what he did to his son.
Keller Even though Beecher attacked Keller, Keller lands in the hole.
Beecher The FBI found Holly Beecher, alive. Father Ray and Agent Pierce inform Beecher that Chris Keller could not have had anything to do with the kidnapping and Hank Schillinger was arrested while dropping her off.
Beecher Keller is let out of the hole. New Em City Administrator Querns separates them, moving Keller out of Beecher's pod. If they touch each other again -- in any way -- they will be moved to Gen Pop.
Beecher Keller moves out. Toby tries to apologize, but Keller is understandably upset that Beecher would even think that he would kill a child -- especially Toby's. Toby begs forgiveness, but Keller says they're through.
Beecher New transfer Mondo Browne is moved into Beecher's pod.
Keller Keller confronts "Father of the Year" Vern Schillinger. Now that he caused one son to OD and the other to get the lethal injection, his name dies when Vern does. "And the world will be a whole lot better."
Beecher While Beecher looks on, Browne asks Keller if it's okay if he "fucks his girlfriend Beecher." Keller says he doesn't care what either of them does, but it's obvious that he does. Keller gives himself a 2nd degree burn by holding his hand under the hot water.
Keller Keller confesses past sins to Father Ray. He admits to having sex with several homosexual men, then murdering them so that they wouldn't tell anyone about him. Father Ray refuses to absolve him until he confesses to the authorities.
Beecher Chris and Toby stare at each other their first night apart.

Browne ruins the moment by demanding oral sex from Beecher. Beecher reluctantly consents.
Keller Chris is visibly upset at the sight of Toby kissing Browne.
Keller Keller lets Zabitz know that he knows that he lied to Beecher. Zabitz begs Schillinger for protection. Schillinger tells Robson to get rid of him. Before Keller or Robson can get Zabitz, Zabitz panics and has a heart attack.
Beecher and Shemin Kareem Said catches Beecher with inmate Nate Shemin. Said calls Beecher a "slut."

"At least I'm feeling something. I prefer to be happy, but self-hate'll do in a pinch. My son's dead 'cause of me. My daughter's a mess 'cause of me. And Keller... Keller doesn't love me. But I tried this new detergent. It really seems to get the whites clean."
Beecher Sister Pete informs Beecher that Hank Schillinger was freed on a technicality. She also tells him that he will be able to visit with his daughter more regularly.
Keller Father Ray begs Keller to forgive Beecher for accusing him of having his son Gary killed. Keller won't do it.
Beecher Beecher flirts with one of the Italians.
Beecher Beecher hires Pancamo to have someone on the outside take care of Hank Schillinger.
Beecher Beecher gets a visit from his daughter, Holly. After their visit, Beecher has second thoughts about killing Hank Schillinger. Pancamo tells him that it is too late. No one will ever find the body.
Keller Sister Pete at first refuses to see Keller, but after Cyril O'Reilly helps change her mind about leaving the nunnery, she decides to confront Keller. She tells him "We don't choose God. God chooses us." Keller fears that God will not choose him.
Keller Keller realizes that they have to get rid of Adebisi. He enlists Ryan O'Reily's help. Shemin is murdered. Adebisi finds out that Beecher and Shemin fucked. Adebisi beats up Beecher, but he doesn't know who murdered Shemin.
Beecher Beecher confronts Keller about Shemin's death.
Keller Keller murders Mondo Browne, another of Beecher's lovers. He and O'Reily pin the murders on Supreme Allah. This sets off a chain of events that ends up with Warden Glynn firing Querns.
Beecher Upon Tim McManus' return to Em City, Said and Adebisi have a showdown to the death. Said kills Adebisi in self-defense.
Season 4 (Part II)
Beecher January 2001.

The inmates watch a new game show on TV, "Up Your Ante." Beecher knows all of the answers.
Beecher TV News reporters Lisa Logan and Jack Eldridge arrive at Oz to do a story.
Beecher Lisa Logan interviews Beecher about life in Oz and his relationships with Schillinger and Keller.

"We sing in the choir together."
Keller Lisa Logan interviews Keller about life in Oz, drugs, and sex. When she asks about his relationship with Beecher, he replies:

"We sing in the choir together."
Keller Keller warns Beecher not to tell that "news bitch" Lisa Logan anything about their past relationship.
Beecher At the drug counseling session, Keller makes up a sad story about why he uses drugs. Beecher scoffs: "He's just acting for the camera." Ryan O'Reily tells Beecher to shut up and Beecher makes a comment about Keller and O'Reily being "butt buddies ever since who died?" Sister Pete breaks them up before a fight begins and makes Logan turn the camera off.
Keller Ryan O'Reily tells Keller that they have to take care of Beecher before he tells the media about Shemin and Browne. Keller warns O'Reily that he will kill him if he touches Beecher.
O'Reily Over a game of chess, O'Reily tells Keller that he's been having sex with Claire Howell.
Beecher At drug counseling group, Leroy Tidd says that he is sorry for what he did and wants to turn his life around. Beecher tries to convince Said to help him. Said won't have anything to do with Tidd because of his affiliation with Adebisi.
Beecher Beecher's younger brother, Angus, comes for a visit with Toby's daughter, Holly.
Beecher Keller tells Beecher that his brother is cute.

"Does he fool around?"
Beecher New inmate Ronnie Barlog arrives in Oz. He is assigned Beecher's pod. As it turns out, Barlog and Keller were friends for years.

Beecher tells Keller "He's cute. Does he fool around?"
Beecher A jealous Keller watches as Beecher and Barlog get friendly.
Beecher Vern Schillinger has been spending time with embezzling minister Jeremiah Cloutier and immerses himself in the Bible. He asks Sister Pete if he can participate in a interaction program with Beecher. Tobias is nervous, but Sister Pete believes Vern is genuine. Vern begins the interaction with a reading from The Bible.
Keller Keller warns Barlog to stay away from Beecher because he is a slut.

"I wish you would have told me that yesterday. Last night he gave me a blow job deluxe."
Beecher Keller tells Beecher to stay away from Barlog.
Keller Keller makes a move on Barlog while working out.
Beecher That night, Beecher makes a move on Barlog, but Ronnie tells Beecher that he and Keller had sex. Ronnie admits that he always had feelings for Keller, and Keller told him that he loved him and to promise that he wouldn't fool around with Beecher. Beecher tells him it's a scam.

"We're in Oz. What's the difference?"
Barlog The FBI questions Barlog about Keller, and the murder of several homosexual men. Agent Pierce offers to reduce his sentence to 5 years if he knew anything.
Barlog Barlog asks Beecher for legal advice.

"I'll make it worth your while."
Beecher Beecher tells Keller that Barlog is going to rat on him to the FBI. Keller doesn't believe him.
Barlog Keller asks Barlog about the visit. Barlog tells him that the FBI asked, but he wouldn't rat him out...
Barlog Keller confesses to Barlog that maybe the reason he killed those men is because he was trying to kill a part of himself that he hated...
Barlog Keller snaps Barlog's neck and leaves him on the floor dead.
Beecher After Schillinger finds out that Hank is dead, he retaliates. Robson stabs Beecher's brother, Angus, when he brings Holly for a visit.
Beecher While Angus' stab wound is taken care of, Beecher tells his father to take Holly away and hide.
Keller To protect Toby, Keller tells Cloutier to tell Schillinger that he had Hank killed, not Beecher. He confesses to the authorities to protect Beecher.
Beecher Schillinger believes Cloutier, and promises Beecher that no one in his family will be harmed. They both express grief over each other's loss and shake hands.
Keller Sister Pete and Keller have a moment before Keller is sent to Massachusetts.

"You said you wanted God to choose you, but you thought it was too late. It's never too late. God finally did choose you, Chris -- and He chose wisely."
Keller Toby says goodbye to Chris.

"Why are you doing this?"
"I would have thought that was fairly obvious."
Beecher Beecher gets a new podmate: Marine Colonel Edward Galson. They have an uncomfortable exchange during rehab counseling....
McClain Katherine McClain, a lawyer for the Alliance for Prisoners' Rights, arrives to start preparing Beecher for his parole hearing.

"Stay out of trouble..."
Galson Galson tells Beecher that he heard he was queer, and not to try anything when the lights go out. Beecher mouths off ("I'm not that horny") and Galson pulls him off his bunk. Beecher kicks him in the balls and is thrown into the cage.
Beecher Kathy McClain updates Beecher about his parole hearing, and gives him very positive feedback. She seems flirty.
Beecher Beecher misses Keller. Sister Pete sets up a phone call. Toby tells Chris about his possible parole and that he'll come visit him in Massachusetts. Chris tells him to stay away from him, for his own good and hangs up.
Beecher Beecher wants Cathy Rockwell's parents to be told about his possible parole. Sister Pete sets up a meeting with the Rockwells. Beecher tells him his circumstances. They tell him that it is up to God as to whether or not he has suffered enough and that they will not interfere with his parole.
Beecher Schillinger finds out about Beecher's parole hearing. He vows that Beecher will not get out of Oz.
Beecher Said warns Schillinger that he'd better not harm Beecher or he will feel the wrath of Allah.
Beecher Beecher tells Said to let go of the guilt over killing Adebisi. The ghost of Adebisi still haunts him.
Beecher Beecher's parole lawyer, Kathy McClain, gets inappropriately close just before the parole hearing.
Beecher In an over-elaborate dream sequence, Beecher dreams that he is set free, Robson tries to kill him, but fails; he is set free, where he joins Holly and Kathy McClain as they run through a field.
Beecher In reality, the parole board votes NO and Beecher is stuck in Oz for another year.
Beecher When Schillinger and Robson come to taunt Beecher, Said and Arif arrive in the nick of time and Said stabs both Schillinger and Robson, but they both live.
Season 5
Beecher Sister Pete asks Beecher to help negotiate a truce between the Aryans and the Muslims.
Beecher Beecher meets with Said and Schillinger.
Beecher .
Beecher .
Keller FBI Agent Pierce charges Keller with murdering Bryce Tibbetts.
Beecher Katherine McClain brings Tobias' daughter, Holly, to visit him.