#92S110 Vernon Schillinger

Vern Schillinger is played by J.K. Simmons Link to IMDB

Season 1
Convicted October 21, 1992. Aggravated assault in the first degree. Sentence: 8 years, up for parole in 5.

Vern assaulted a black drug dealer who was selling to his kids, Andrew and Hank. Vern can not tolerate drugs.
Young Andrew and Hank Schillinger.
When naïve lawyer Tobias Beecher arrives in Oz in July 1997, Vern offers to protect him from pod-mate Adebisi. Beecher is unaware than Vern is the leader of Oz's Aryan Brotherhood when he moves into Vern's pod.
Beecher Vern makes Tobias his "prag" and brands a swastika on his ass, then rapes him.

"That's what you are. My livestock. Because now, Tobias, your ass belongs to me."
Schillinger makes mouthy and disobedient Tobias lick his boots clean.

Ryan O'Reily gets Tobias high. Vern tells Tobias that if he catches him high again, he'll beat the shit out of him.
Vern's buddy on the outside, Scott Ross, arrives in Em City. Scott Ross also used to ride with Officer Diane Wittlesey's ex-husband, Glen.

Prisoner #97R518 Scott Ross. Convicted June 4 1997. Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute (third conviction). Sentence: Life, without parole.
Feeling that the "romance" has gone out of their relationship, Vern gives Tobias some lipstick...
Not satisfied, Vern has one of the drag queens give Tobias a complete makeover -- much to the delight Schillinger, Ross, and the other Aryans.

"My God, you're even prettier than I thought you'd be!"
Vern and the gang watch as Beecher performs at the Oz Talent Show ... in full drag.
Vern has a good laugh, but knows that Beecher was high.
Schillinger decides that he's had enough of Beecher. There's a new kid in town. He sends Tobias off with a Confederate T-shirt.
O'Reily gives Beecher some bad PCP and Beecher goes insane, he picks up a chair and throws it through the glass door on Schillinger's pod. The glass flies into his right eye.

Vern is sent to Benchley Memorial for surgery.
Schillinger returns to Oz, with an eye patch. McManus transfers him out of Em City to Unit B.
Beecher When Schillinger goes into the gym, Beecher knocks him down with a weight, then ties his hands with a rope, and defecates on his face.
Vern has a chat with Father Mukada, where expresses remorse for what has happened. He tells Father Ray that he learned to hate from his father, who is now raising his boys. He needs to be a better person, so that he can get out and save his boys.
Vern returns to Em City. Scott Ross tells him that he has to kill Beecher, or he'll look like a wimp. Vern dismisses him, as he is on best behavior because his parole hearing is coming up.
The 1997 Riot erupts. Kareem Said quickly takes control of the situation and gathers the other leaders to form a council to come up with their demands. Scott Ross takes lead of the Aryans and the Bikers.

Governor James Devlin sends in the SORT team.
Season 2
Schillinger and the rest of the Em City inmates are transferred to Gen Pop while Alvah Case investigates the riot. Schillinger tells Officer Wittlesey that he saw her kill Scott Ross during the riot and the best thing for her would be for him to get out on his upcoming parole.
Schillinger's eye patch is removed and he is able to see out of the eye. He has a slight scar.

Schillinger's dad comes for a visit to tell him that his boys are out of control and that he kicked them out of his house.
Beecher tells Vern that he will never let him make parole because he knows he is faking. When no one will kill Beecher for him, he tries to black male Officer Wittlesey. $2000 if she kills Beecher, and no one will know she killed Scott Ross. Wittlesey sets Vern up, and he is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and his parole hearing is cancelled. He tries to get his new lawyer to get the charges dropped, but Diane Wittlesey is testifying against him.
Beecher taunts Schillinger.

"I manipulated you like the dumbass white-trash Neanderthal you are. You know...you get to know a lot about a man while he's fucking you in the ass."
With the Aryans losing credibility, Schillinger decides to make their presence known. Schillinger and Mark Mack kill Russian inmate Alexander Vogel by stringing him upside down in the gym, carving the word "JEW" in his chest.
Mark Mack forces gay inmate Richie Hanlon to suck his dick, telling him that they killed Vogel, so he better comply. When another Aryan tries to get the same later, Hanlon pushes him away and he falls over the railing and dies.
Hanlon tries to convince McManus that it was an accident. When he doesn't bite, Hanlon tells him that Mack told him that he and Schillinger killed Alexander Vogel. Nazi guard Karl Metzger threatens Hanlon into confessing to the murder of Alexander Vogel.
Keller August 1998. Beecher gets a new roommate: Chris Keller, who appears to hate the Aryans as much as he does. Beecher doesn't know that Keller is working with Schillinger.
Schillinger reads Kareem Said's book, then asks him to represent him in his consipiracy to commit murder case. McManus asks Schillinger about his accusation against C.O. Diane Wittlesey.

"Accusation? I saw Wittlesey kill Ross."
Mark Mack is confused as to why Schillinger is dealing with Said.
McManus and Wittlesey both testify that that she did not kill Scott Ross. With that, Said withdraws as Schillinger's lawyer. Vern is not pleased.
Schillinger gets an update on "Operation Toby" from Keller, who believes that Beecher falling in love with him is the key to his downfall. Vern smuggles some "moonshine" to Keller to entice Beecher with.
Schillinger taunts "Beechball" by telling him that his wife didn't commit suicide, but Vern had her killed.

"I guess you'll never know for sure. Best part is, either way, it's your fault."
Ryan O'Reily's mentally slow brother Cyril arrives in Oz's Unit B. Schillinger gives him "the royal welcome."
Ryan confronts Schillinger about raping his brother. Ryan provokes Cyril into hitting him and Cyril is thrown into the hole.
Officer Karl Metzger is promoted to Em City's Head C.O. after McManus transfers Wittlesey out to Unit B. Metzger is part of the Ayran Brotherhood.
When Mark Mack discovers Busmalis' tunnel, he has Officer Metzger switch their pods. Mark Mack and another Aryan use the hole to escape...not knowing that Busmalis had weaken the supports. They are both crushed.
Schillinger asks Metzger for some gym time with "baby raper" Robert Sippel. They crucify him by nailing him to the gym floor.
Keller tells Schillinger that Operation Toby is a success: Beecher is in love with him. Schillinger decides that it's time to let Toby in on the secret.
Metzger brings Beecher to the gym, where Schillinger tells all. He met Keller while doing time at Lardner. Schillinger saved 17-year-old Keller from becoming a black guy's prag and he's owed him since.
While Officer Metzger watches, Keller tells Beecher that he never loved him, then breaks both of his arms and Vern breaks his legs. Officer Metzger later tells McManus that he doesn't know who let Beecher into the gym.
Season 3
Vern mocks Ryan and Cyril. Ryan looks for a way to get revenge, and asks new inmate Jaz Hoyt to let a package go through the mail room, which is run by Vern Schillinger.
Vern catches Hoyt and turns him in.
At Ryan's egging, Hoyt tries to kill Schillinger. He doesn't succeed and ends up in the hole.
Schillinger catches Said talking to that "piece of trailer trash" Tricia Ross, Scott Ross' sister. He proceeds to give him a lecture on "miscegenation," which is cohabitation, sexual relations, or marriage involving persons of different races.
Officer Metzger nearly chokes Busmalis to death and pushes him down the stairs in revenge for Mark Mack's death.
McManus confronts Metzger about what's been happening, also commenting on his Aryan Brotherhood tattoo. Metzger warns him that if he is what he thinks he is, then he'd better watch himself. McManus tries to provoke Warden Glynn, but Glynn can't do anything without proof, but neither Busmalis nor Beecher will testify against Metzger.
Keller returns to Em City, and when he demands to see McManus after talking to Beecher, Metzger immediately takes Beecher.
Beecher gets revenge by slicing Metzger up with his razor sharp fingernails. With a final jab to the throat, Metzger slumps to the ground dead.
Officer Wittlesey takes Schillinger to see Warden Glynn. Keller has ratted him and Metzger out.
After Metzger's body is discovered, Schillinger gets irritated at Glynn and McManus' lack of interest in finding the killer.
Robson and Schillinger tease Ryan O'Reily mercilessly over their raping Cyril.
#99S333 Andrew Peter Schillinger, convicted 2/16/99. Murder in the 2nd degree, possession of narcotics. Sentence: 50 years, up for parole in 20.
After finding out that his son Andrew has been convicted and placed into Em City, Schillinger demands that Warden Glynn transfer him to Unit B where Beecher, Keller, and O'Reily can't get to him. McManus ignores his request.
Addict Andy has been burning through O'Reily's heroin supply and Schillinger finds him face down in his food. Andy is thrown into the hole. Schillinger asks Sister Pete to bring Andy into her drug counseling group.
At Sister Pete's counseling group, Beecher "protects" Andy from Keller.
Ryan cuts off Andy's drug supply... Andy won't buy from anyone who's not white.
Beecher and Andy get closer, which makes Schillinger nervous.
When Andy goes through withdrawal, Beecher is there to comfort him. Beecher shows him his "tattoo" and tells Andy that his father raped him.
Andy survives the night and asks for help at Sister Pete's drug counseling group.
Schillinger is proud that his son is clean. Andrew says he's off the drugs because God and his friends helped him.
Schillinger is stunned when he sees that Andy has taken up with his enemies: Beecher, Keller, and O'Reily. Keller teaches him to wrestle.
Beecher rubs it in that Andy may be developing a crush on him.
Schillinger tells Andy that he wants to mend their relationship and also warns him to stay away from his new friends. Andy gets pissed. "Fuck everything you believe. And fuck everything you stand for. And fuck you!" Schillinger slaps him and Andy fights back. Andy is thrown into the hole.
Schillinger decides that Andy is dead to him.
While in the hole, Officer Lopresti gives Andy a package from his father: heroin. Andy tries to resist, but ends up overdosing.
Schillinger urges Cramer to kick Hamid Khan's ass.
Beecher Said teaches Beecher that in order for God to forgive him, he must forgive first. Beecher forgives Schillinger and asks that Schillinger forgive him for his part in Andrew's death. Beecher offers to use private investigators to find Schillinger's other son. Schillinger stabs Beecher.
Beecher Keller gets the knife away from Schillinger and stabs him, coming to Toby's rescue.
Schillinger tells Keller, Beecher, Hoyt, Pancamo, Stanislofsky and Rebadow that Adebisi is up to something and that they have to stick together, "bound by the one thing that joins us all: the color of our skin."
Season 4