#97S444 Kareem Said

Kareem Said is played by Eamonn Walker Link to IMDB

Season 1
Said Kareem Said (a.k.a. Goodson Truman) was convicted June 6, 1997 of arson in the second degree. Sentence: 18 years, eligible for parole in five. After arriving in Oz, he quickly became the leader of the Muslims.
Said Inmate Jefferson Keane asks for Said's help. He wants to marry his girlfriend, Mavis. Said talks with Warden Glynn, who grants the request.
Said Said saves Jefferson Keane.
Said Warden Glynn and Administrator McManus ask for Said's help in curbing the flow of drugs into Oz. Said points them to corrupt prison officers. (Correctional Officer Mike Healy is later arrested after he is caught passing drugs to inmate Ryan O'Reily.)
Said Said begins having heart trouble due to his high blood pressure. Wishing to keep his mind clear, he refuses to take medication because of the side effects. Inmate Bob Rebadow throws Said off guard when he tells Said that God told him that Said is afraid of dying.
Said New Muslim inmate Huseni Mershah's violent nature causes problems for Said. Mershah tries to undermine Said to Arif and the other Muslims.
Said Said has a heart attack. Podmate Husani Mershah, trying to wrestle the Muslim leadership from Said, said it was the "will of Allah" and left him to die.
Said A recovered Said ostracizes Huseni Mershah for turning his back on him when he was dying--and orders all the Muslims to cast him out.
Said Mershah tells McManus and Glynn that Said is causing a riot. When that goes nowhere, he tells Adebisi that Said got Jefferson Keane executed. Mershah is transferred to Gen Pop, where he is later found dead of apparent suicide.
Said Newbie correctional Officer Gordon Wood smuggles a Sig-Sauer handgun into Emerald City and gives it to Kareem Said. Said talks to TV reporter Rick Donn about the conditions in Oz. Warden Glynn proceeds to ban the Muslim's religous articles media interviews.
Said The 1997 Riot erupts. Said quickly takes control of the situation and gathers the other leaders to form a council to come up with their demands. Governor James Devlin sends in the SORT team.
Season 2
Alvah Case Said and the rest of the riot leaders are sent to ad-seg while Alvah Case heads a special committee appointed to investigate the riot. Case's Commission determines that no one in particular was at fault for the riot and Said is sent back to gen-pop.
Said When Augustus Hill's judge is convicted of accepting bribes, Said takes up Hill's case and tries to get him a second trial. The appeal is denied. Being a published author, Said contacts his publisher, who publishes Poet's book of poems.
Said Aryan inmate Vern Schillinger enlists Said to get him out of jail, but Said backs out when McManus decides not to incriminate Officer Wittlesey in Scott Ross's death.
Said When Said sees alcoholic inmate Tobias Beecher start getting drunk again, he tries to intervene, but Beecher shouts out one of his crazy "nursery rhymes" and tells him to go away.
Said Said is considered for clemency by Governor Devlin to show respect for Ramadan. At the press conference he refuses to accept the Governor's "gift" and returns to Oz, where the other prisoners cheer and chant his name.
Season 3
Said Said organizes a civil suit against Oswald to support the families of the inmates who died during the riot. Tricia Ross, sister of Scott Ross, immediately takes a liking to Said.
Said To take his mind off Tricia, Said decides to go on a fast, which would only allow him to eat fruit at sunset after praying. When McManus turns down Said's request to keep food in his cell while fasting, he goes on a hunger strike instead. When all of the Muslims decide to begin hunger striking one after another, Glynn and McManus agree to Said's request.
Meeting When Augustus Hill decides to testify against Malcolm Coyle, who brutally murdered an entire family, Said organizes a meeting with Nappa, Schillinger, and Guerra. Said urges them to protect Hill against Wangler and the others. (Nappa goes one further and has Coyle killed.)
Said Said begins to have a conflict of faith over Tricia Ross. It begins to seriously affect his standing with Arif and Khan. Poet publicly humiliates Said -- and the other Muslims -- after Poet sees Said and Tricia Ross holding hands in the visitoring room.
Said Arif and Khan tell Said to stay away from Tricia Ross. Said's sister visits and also tells him to keep away from her. Tricia begins getting threatening phone calls.
Said Beecher, "a lost soul," turns to Said to learn about God. When Said allows Beecher to sit in on a prayer study, it turns out to be the last straw. Khan stages a mutiny and Said is cast out.
Said Said moves into Beecher's pod as Muslim control shifts to Hamid Khan.
Said Said forgives Khan and renews his faith in Allah.
Said Schillinger tries to kill Beecher. Said moves to help him, Khan and the other Muslims step in. Khan ends up in the hole, and Schillinger and Keller end up in the infirmary.
Said Said prays with Khan's wife when Khan is brain damaged from the boxing match with Cyril O'Reily. Said moves back into Arif's pod.
Said and Adebisi Adebisi tries to convince Said to go along with his plan to get rid of McManus and take over Em City. The gangsters and other muslims are already onboard.
Season 4 (Part I)
Said After Khan is taken off life support, Zahir Arif takes over Muslim leadership. Said does not oppose the move.
Said Arif and Adebisi unite and demand that McManus be fired after inmate Guillaume Tarrant shoots and kills Officer Howard, Junior Pierce, and Kenny Wangler. (Adebisi provided Tarrant with the gun, which he received from Officer Clayton Hughes after he was fired by Glynn.)
Said When Said backs down from testifying in the civil trial because he refuses to wear the orange jumpsuit, Beecher confronts him, suggesting that he is trying to sabotage the trial in order to proclaim injustice. Beecher calls Zelman and ends up testifying in his place.
Said Glynn fires Tim McManus. Arnie Zelman, Reverend Truman (Said's sister), and Afsanna promise to support Glynn in the upcoming election if he considers a person of color as Em City administrator.
Said Against Arif's orders, Said represents gay inmate Jason Cramer's. A juror for Cramer's trial told him that he did not get a fair trial because a homophobic juror pressured everyone else into voting guilty. Said begins having second thoughts about representing Cramer (who murdered his lover). Rebadow warns Said that Cramer must not be set free, and after finding out that the lead detective tampered with evidence, Said steps down. Cramer's ruling is overturned and he is set free.
Said The inmates win their civil trial against the state and Tricia Ross decides to move to California.
Said Glynn hires Martin Querns as McManus' replacement. Querns read Said's book. Querns does not like Said.

McManus is later rehired as Unit B Manager.
Said Querns begins transferring the gay, italian, Aryan, and biker inmates out of Em City and brings in more black inmates. Querns announces that trustees Adebisi, Pancamo, and Morales will oversee Em City. Arif confronts Querns, demanding that the Muslims being given a say. Querns dismisses him as insignificant.
Said 5-Percenter Supreme Allah arrives in Em City and clashes with the traditional Muslims.
Said Adebisi severs ties with Arif, leaving the Muslims powerless.
Said Said finds old pal Beecher making out with Nate Shemin and calls him a slut.

"At least I'm feeling something. I prefer to be happy, but self-hate'll do in a pinch. My son's dead 'cause of me. My daughter's a mess 'cause of me. And Keller... Keller doesn't love me. But I tried this new detergent. It really seems to get the whites clean."
Said With threats from Supreme Allah and Adebisi's power growing, Arif begs Said to take leadership of the Muslims.
Said Said confronts McManus about what is going on in Em City. They devise a plan.
Said Said and the Muslims join Adebisi.
Said Poet tells Said that Adebisi has been taping all of his escapades: sex and drugs.
Said Said moves into Adebisi's pod in order to get access to the tapes.
Said Adebisi realizes what Said is after and gives him a tape as a true test of his loyalty. Said turns over the tape to McManus. After seeing the tape, Glynn immediately fires Querns and transfers Tim to Em City.
Said When McManus returns to Em City, Adebisi is outraged and attacks Said...
Said Adebisi stumbles out of the pod and falls to the floor dead. Said emerges from the pod with the bloody knife and is immediately taken to the hole.
Season 4 (Part II)
Said TV News producer Lisa Logan and reporter Jack Eldridge arrive at Oz to do a story. After Lisa Logan uncovers a "conspiracy," Eldridge interviews Said, who is under the assumption that he is going to talk about conditions in Oz, and he is shocked when Eldridge asks about the murder of Simon Adebisi. Said maintains that he was found innocent; it was self-defense.
Said Leroy Tidd asks Said if he can join the Muslims. Said angrily sends him away, surprising Arif and the others.
Said After hearing Tidd at drug counseling group, Beecher tells Said that he feels that Tidd is genuine about wanting to change.

-"Tidd hung out with Adebisi, and you feel guilt for having killed him."
-"I do not feel guilt. I did the right thing. I did what had to be done."
Said Tidd approaches Schillinger and tells him that he wants to kill Said for Adebisi. Robson pays him.
Said Tidd makes another attempt to join the Muslims. Said decks him.
Said Hoyt and Robson pick a fight with Arif and another Muslim. Tidd is conveniently there to help and is thrown in the hole.
Said Arif tells Said about what happened and that he feels that Leroy Tidd really wants to change.
Said Leroy Tidd joins the Mulims and is given in the name Salah Yudin. Later, Yudin (Tidd) asks Said about Adebisi's death. Said explains that he wasn't plotting to kill Adebisi, but trying to save him.
Said Later, while Said naps, Yudin (Tidd) relieves Arif standing guard, and then pulls out a shank. At the last minute, he changes his mind.
Said After Samuel Gougeon is beaten for wanting to convert to Catholocism, Father Mukada suggests an ecumenical service to Said and Cloutier.
Said Hill, confused about Redding's plan to start a war with the Italians and Latinos, asks for Said's advice. Said tells him that he's always admired Hill for being honorable.
Said Deathrow inmate Moses Deyell asks for Said's help. He wants to donate his organs before he dies, like Jefferson Keane. He wants Said to arrange for him to meet the people who are to receive his organs.
Said Yudin (Tidd) confesses to Said that he didn't believe when he became a Muslim, but he does now. Said tells him that he knew all along. He also tells him of his part in Robson's plan.
Said Annoyed that Yudin (Tidd) has converted, Robson bullies young inmate Carl Jenkins into killing Said. If he does it, he'll let him join the Brotherhood, if not then he will be given to the gangsters.
Said Jenkins attempts to shank Said, but Yudin (Tidd) sees him first and jumps in front of Said. He is fatally stabbed and dies in Said's arms.
Said Back in Em City, Said throws Arif out of their pod and cries out of anger and grief.
Said Said tells McManus and Glynn that James Robson hired Yudin (Tidd) to kill him and when he wouldn't, he got Carl Jenkins to do it. Of course, there isn't anything they can do about it, so Said asks Cloutier to talk to Jenkins. Jenkins confesses and Robson is thrown into solitary. After Jenkins gets some hate mail from Schillinger, he hangs himself.
Said Said comes through for Deyell, and Deyell first meets the man who is going to receive his eyes. While waiting to be transferred to a hospital for tests and to meet the woman who is going to receive his heart, he tells Said "So long, Said." This prompts Arif to ask why he sounded like he wasn't coming back. En route to the prison, Deyell jumped out of the van in an escape attempt and died.
Said Glynn informs Said that without Jenkins to testify, that they can't hold Robson and Robson is sent back to Unit B. Said tells Arif "I have such rage in me, rage unlike I've ever known."
Said Robson and Schillinger provoke Said when Robson says that he is sorry for what happened to "Ooga Booga." Said attacks him and Arif knocks out Schillinger.
Said Said beats the hell out of Robson and is throw into the hole.

Arif warns the Muslims to watch out for the Aryans and Schillinger warns his group to carry weapons.
Said Tobias Beecher is up for parole and Said vows to protect him from Schillinger and the Aryans.
Said Said visits Beecher the night before his parole hearing to wish him good luck. Beecher tells Said that he has to embrace his guilt over Adebisi's death, as he told him to do with Andrew Schillinger's death.

"Your entire life, you've kept tight control over your feelings, you denied the Adebisi inside you, but you can't do it any longer."
Said Beecher's parole is denied. Schillinger and Robson gloat and Robson grabs him from behind and as Schillinger is about to kiss/rape/kill him, Said suddenly appears and shanks Schillinger...
Said Arif pulls Robson off Beecher and Said stabs him, yelling "Adebisi lives!"

Said is dragged to the hole and Robson and Schillinger are sent to the infirmary to recover.
Season 5